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Do you own a property in Long Island that you want to build on? Do you have a vision for the perfect home, but no way to realize that vision? Are you ready to make your dream home a reality?

If so, it’s time you contacted Custom Homes Inc., Long Island’s top custom home builder. Our experienced crews will help bring your vision to life. Let us take care of the site preparation. Let us lay the foundation. We’ll do the framing, put up walls, build the roof, add insulation, flooring, your future bathrooms and kitchens. We’ll take care of your custom home construction every step of the way, from beginning to end.

Our goal? To turn your dream home into a real home.

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It All Starts With a Design

The first step to getting your custom home is getting the design figured out and the architectural plans drafted. Many local firms are available for this. Once they’ve helped you figure out the big and small details, those plans get passed on to us. Our job is to follow the architectural draft and design details to the letter and the line. Unlike many of our competitors, we believe that design exists in the details alone. There are no broad strokes in custom home construction. And that makes all the difference in the world.

General Contracting Services You Can Trust

We bring our crews in to do most of the work. However, where necessary we’ll bring in other experienced professionals as well. For example, we set up contracts with some of Long Island’s and New York City’s top electrical and plumbing contractors. The technical expertise of these contractors is indispensable to any home building project. Part of the reason we’ve built such a strong reputation in the area is due to our longstanding professional relationships with the best craftspeople around.

On top of managing all subcontractors, we also take care of the necessary building permits. Building in Long Island, where spaces are often confined, comes with a massive set of regulations. But don’t worry, we’ll handle it. We have years of experience dealing with the complicated red tape of local bureaucracy.

From Design to Construction to Completion

Building a custom home is a huge undertaking. Each step of the process comes with its own complications. In most cases, we have streamlined the processes to make the whole thing easier. But that fact is, it takes time. It’s best to plan for a significant amount of time from start to finish. Rushing it is not usually an option.

It helps to have a reliable and experienced custom home builder on your side. Custom Homes Inc. wants you to be 100% happy with your home. That includes the entire construction experience. We never cut any corners, least of all with our customer service. And if you have changes to make along the way, we’ll be happy to sort them out with you.

Before You Build: Things to Consider

A home is the single greatest investment most of us will ever make. For those fortunate enough to design and build their own custom home, there are a great many aspects to consider. Properly planning each step of the process and considering all the aspects is paramount to avoiding setbacks and unwanted surprises.

Your home should be a reflection of your taste, personality, and the way you live your life. While many people have each detail of their dream home meticulously planned out, others prefer lengthy consultations about the different aspects of residential construction.

Custom Homes, Inc. recognizes that there is a large difference between building a house and creating a home. For this reason, we make a point to get to know our clients very well, understanding what features they value in a home.

Before your home construction journey begins, here are few things to be mindful of.

Your Lot

Perhaps you already own your land or are currently searching for the perfect setting for your home.

Your custom home should be built to suit its landscape. You should consider the intricacies of your property: this means views, terrain, topography, and proximity to services. Water, sewer, and electrical connections can be expensive undertakings in themselves, particularly if your homesite is in a rural area. The site preparation is a large process, and one that can’t be rushed.

It is wise to design your home according to its environment, instead of imposing a pre-generated design on a lot. Observe the unique features of your property; incorporate beautiful and mature trees into your landscape instead of clearcutting. You will save time, money, and worries if your home is naturally suited to its environment.

Your Budget

Custom Homes, Inc. works closely with clients to determine a budget that is realistic and practical.

The truth is that many people building a home go over-budget, generally by building too large or improper financial planning. The result is no remaining funds for quality cabinetry and finishes, window work, trim, banisters, and the unique details that give your home personality.

We will advise you on what areas you can afford to cut costs, and in what areas cutting costs would be disastrous and lead to more money over time.

This way, you can build the home of your dreams without breaking the bank.

Your Home Design

Picture yourself approaching your dream custom home after a long day. Do you see a front porch, a red front door, a row of gabled windows? What about inside: a chef’s kitchen, a light-filled living room, or a master bedroom with a spa-like ensuite?

Here is where your creativity can shine forth. The materials, colors, and styles you select for your new home will be as unique as you and your family.

It’s important to consider these things from a standpoint of both aesthetics and functionality. Custom Homes, Inc. will present you with more choices than you could imagine for your house’s construction.

The materials involved in your home design will incorporate your environment, budget, and ideals into a beautiful sanctuary that you will blissfully inhabit for years to come.

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